Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Browser as an Application Platform and Web apps as an Alternative Web Apps.

 What is PWA or Progressive Web Apps

What is PWA or Progressive Web Apps?

The concept of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the next step in the standardization of web and mobile development and standardization of the web apps .From Simple Apps without much functionality the next iteration of web apps aka Progressive web apps have far more capabilities than their predecessors . The browser as platform approach enables web apps to expand beyond the typical reach of the native apps and you can see their impact with more and more ecommerce companies and software's are being converted in web apps.

 PWA vs Native Apps : whats the difference?

PWA vs Native Apps : What's the difference?

Progressive web apps and Native Apps are fundamentally different but have same purpose to provide their users or consumers the best possible experience. Native Apps are based on ether iOS or android platform and are mostly written in either java or Swift. These are low level languages i.e. they are closer to computer base language this provides them speed and more features as compare to PWA. But in recent years the browser now have more and more embedded to devices and have far more access to core ,couple with another revolution taking place aka cloud computing the web apps are nearly as fast and efficient to native apps without downside of downloading the apps and software size and updates as one update in server can now update the app without hassle seamlessly

 Progressive is in the Core

Progressive is in the Core

Like the name suggest the progressive web apps are progressive in nature in both development and their evolution. What it means is that depending on ones requirement certain features can be added and in their evolution side the progressive web apps core functionalities are slowly but surely being added to the browser thus staying true to nature

 Why PWA as compare to Native apps and Pricing

Why PWA and Pricing

Now this is a good question and the answer is that the development of native apps takes enormous amount of time and for android and iOS both requirement different level of development thus increasing the development cost ,subsequently the end pricing but the PWA are developed fast and are instantly available to most of the user via browsers and are cross platform too. If required can be easily converted to native apps for faster app life cycles. The pricing for PWA development starts with as little as 2000$ .To learn more or for quotation ping us at